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This website is a large group project of rail enthusiasts contributing their photos onto one website to help provide information on rolling-stock and railway infrastructure. The main goal of this site is to become a hub for the history of locomotives and railway lines along with rare and unusual movements across the railway network, both past and present. We will be updating this site with new content as often as we can.


AusTrainz was first created in 2020, before merging with TrainzWest later in the year. However, two of the creators decided to leave, so AusTrainz went back to being TrainzWest! As of 2022, the AusTrainz name has made a return; it's remaining 8 developers were eager to continue to supply the Australian Trainz community with great quality content, without the price tag, under the name everyone knew and loved.

AusTrainz was reactivated, and here we are today!

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