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C Class Locomotives

The 10 C class were the last locos delivered in VR's classic blue and gold color scheme, they were also VR's first turbocharged locos. Mechanically they were an SD40 (not SD40-2) When introduced their weight meant that they were very restricted as to the lines they could run over. C 501 - 504 were put on the SG running between Melbourne and Albury,C 505 - 510 were kept on BG and ran Melbourne to Serviceton interstate express freights. On 3/8/1979 C 505 and C 506 operated a freight all the way from Melbourne to Adelaide thus ushering in through working of locos between Victoria and South Australia. Upon the formation of National Rail all of the C class were transfered to National Rail (1995) where they ran for a little while before they were removed from traffic due to the arrival of the NR class locos. 2 C's (505 & 508) were later re-issued to traffic as NR shunters in Melbourne.

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These assets are a BETA and may not perform as expected.

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Current Features:

  • Realistic "emissive" headlights and external lighting

  • Illuminated number boards

  • Crew + cab lighting

  • Realistic markers controllable in surveyor and by the "VR Set Train Lamps" driver rule

  • Door & window animations

  • Automatic running numbers

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Tested in TRS19 (114800) + TRS22 (117669)


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