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UGL C44aci Locomotives

The C44aci locomotive was designed by UGL Rail and manufactured in Broadmeadow NSW. 

Essentially an upgrade from the widely renowned NR Class, the C44 was the answer to Pacific National's need for more locomotives that match the power of their 90 class, without forgoing the ability to run high-speed intermodal freight services. 

The first C44's were introduced in 2008 as the "92" class, for Pacific National.

In the modern day, the C44 locomotives are owned by multiple operators, all within their own subclasses and varying modifications, and have spread their way out through Australia, on a national scale.

unknown (17).png
unknown (16).png


  • Ultra-realistic and prototypical cab interior view and controls

  • Realistic "emissive" headlights and external lighting

  • Illuminated number boards

  • Crew + cab lighting

  • Realistic markers controllable in surveyor and by the "VR Set Train Lamps" driver rule

  • Level of Detail transitioning to aid performance but preserve quality

  • Door & window animations

  • Automatic running numbers

Download Links

Currently the 92 and 93 are only available on the Trainz Download Station or through Content Manager 

Tested in TRS19 (114800) + TRS22 (117669)


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