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N Class Locomotives

In the early 1980's it was decided to rebuild all 26 B class into A class. This program was stopped after 11 B's had been rebuilt but the parts for all the B to A conversions had been ordered. Initially 10 N class were ordered but the order was extended to 25, the 15 additional N's were equipped with the parts that were to go into the A's. The N's feature dual cabs and a head end power diesel generator and have been used in passenger service since their delivery. Mechanically the N's and the A's are pretty much identical, the only difference being that N's have a head end power generator, A's do not.

All of the N's were built at Clyde's Somerton, Victoria plant.

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Screenshot (1283).png

These assets are TANE+ compatible, however they were only tested for TRS19. We unfortunately cannot offer support for this and deliver the asset "as is".

orange N.PNG
Screenshot (1284).png


  • Realistic "emissive" headlights and external lighting

  • Illuminated number boards

  • Crew + cab lighting

  • Realistic markers controllable in surveyor and by the "VR Set Train Lamps" driver rule

  • Level of Detail transitioning to aid performance but preserve quality

  • HEP generator and other animated fans

  • Door & window animations

  • Automatic running numbers and corresponding locomotive names

Download Links

DLS Links (Original N Class)

Non DLS Links (Modern N Class)

Tested in TRS19 (114800) + TRS22 (117669)


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